Marine Parade, Cottesloe

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Marine Parade, Cottesloe


Atelier JV's strong capability for forensic engineering, structural repair remediation advice is bringing this prime location appartment building back to life.  232 Marine Parade in Cottesloe is a multi-unit residential apartment building that is right on the west coast.   Wind driven ocean spray salts and rain have caused corrosion of the embedded reinforcement in the exposed concrete elements of the building over time and concrete cancer had set in.  Atelier JV were asked to report on the condition of the building and recommend appropriate remedial works.

Key Structural Design Features

A sheet applied zinc sacrificial anode was used, called Corrpre ZLA, to assist the concrete elements in resiting further soffit reinforcement corrosion after the local repairs to the areas where corrosion has already caused the concrete to crack.  This will significantly extend the building life.

Atelier JV's report identified a number of areas that required remedial repair work in addition to the degrading concrete elements.  We reported on the likely causes and placed the repair items in an order of priority in terms of maintaining the building’s structure.  Atelier JV where then appointed to administer the tender and contract for the works as Contract Administrator on the project.

If you wish to prolong the life of the building, please contact us and we can work with you.