839 Beaufort Street

A commercial and residential development designed with a modern take on an Australian Art Deco style.

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839 Beaufort Street is a mixed use, commercial and residential development on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Beaufort Street in Inglewood.  This 3 storey, new build, insitu concrete and masonry construction has been designed to meet the council’s desired look for the area as a modern take on an Australian Art Deco style.  The building has ground and 1st floor car parking to serve five commercial units including a food and beverage unit and 20 apartments on the upper floors.

Key Structural Design Features

Cost efficiencies in the structural design were key to making this project viable.   A number of options for the suspended slabs and walls of the building were value engineered by Atelier JV. Once costed by contractors a load-bearing masonry design with in-situ concrete conventionally reinforced slabs was shown to be the most cost effective way to build the structure in the current construction climate in Perth. 

A close collaboration with the Architect ensured that the structural design for each element optimised.   The layout for the units was organised with the structure to make the most of space and ensure that the building elements worked hard.