39 Ninth Avenue

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39 Ninth Ave


39 Ninth Ave is a Residential development on located between Ninth Avenue and Greenslade Lane in Maylands. This development is made up of 3 separate blocks joined with a common podium structure. Each block has 3 storeys and is constructed using precast and insitu concrete, hot rolled and cold formed steelwork, masonry and timber elements. The building has sub-basement parking to serve the 8 apartments located across the 3 blocks.

Key Structural Design Features

In order to maximise apartment sizes, the new construction used the full length and breadth of site. To ensure minimal wastage of the land, the precast panels were constructed on the boundary. This meant that the foundation solution required careful design of ground beams to enable the moments from the panels to be taken out through torsional reinforcement. This ensured the most economical design for the client.

Structural depths needed to be kept to a minimum, due to a restriction on height of the building from the planning stage, in order to minimise the depth of excavation required, and hence keep costs down. Atelier JV completed alternate designs to compare the pros and cons of an in-situ concrete solution or steel framed design for the transfer slab at ground floor.

The final design used lightweight framing for the upper floors to reduce the load on the transfer slab over the lower ground car parking and consequently keep the cost and depth of transfer beams down.

A fast tracked design program and the marriage of a number of different building materials made a close collaboration with the architect and contractor key to the project.