12 Rene Road Dalkeith

Featured in the Sunday Times supplement in November 2012.

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This rear extension to an existing home at 12 Rene Road in Dalkeith created a modern addition to the house for a growing family.   The roof and the master bedroom float over the living room and garden with an effortless ease.

The project was featured in the Sunday Times supplement in November 2012 to showcase the trends of young designers.

Key Structural Design Features

Impossibly thin stainless steel columns support the weight of the roof while its stability is provided through a fold down of the roof’s primary structure meeting a strong band of steel at the façade’s waist and tying the whole frame in to masonry piers strengthened by reinforcement.

A mixture of steel, timber, concrete and masonry was used in the design to achieve all the structural gymnastics that the final design employed.