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CTEC Education Project


CTEC is an independent school for disadvantaged teenagers and young adults in W.A. The centre is entirely dependent on Commonwealth and State Grants, both of which have recently been cut impacting on the school’s ability to provide even basic amenities such as staff toilets.  The teachers that work at CTEC are passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of their students. The reduction in funding has meant that they now have to continue to provide this critical service in undignified working conditions. Atelier JV offered their services to help CTEC build staff amenities for a fraction of the typical cost. The CTEC project is now up and running with architect Neil Brown, engineering firm Atelier/JV and Global Construction Service (GCS) coming together to deliver a new staff room and amenities block.

Key Structural Design Features

Neil is in the process of producing some concept drawings that will ultimately lead to the final design of the new facility. GCS is providing several transportable buildings at a significantly reduced cost. These structures will underpin the new facility. Cladding and decoration will transform the utilitarian “dongas” into a beautiful space where CTEC’s hardworking staff can plan lessons, hold meetings and escape the daily grind.